Different Turf for Queensland’s Climates

Queensland’s massive surface area is home to a range of climates, from monsoonal in the very north to hot and dry in the inland and west. If you are looking to lay down some new turf in Queensland, you’re going to have to consider the conditions you live in. Not all grass types thrive under the same conditions.

The experts at Australian Lawn Concepts know a thing or two about pairing turf with favourable conditions, so we’ll go over the best turf for each type of climate below.

Dry Land Calls for Drought-Tolerant Turf 

Living in the dryer parts of Australia is not easy on anybody or anything, especially your lawn. That’s why it’s important to choose a robust turf that doesn’t wither in the face of harsh sunlight and possible droughts. Enter Sir Walter Turf. This soft-leafed buffalo grass is the most popular turf Australia-wide for a reason. These lawns are an evergreen addition to your home. They can bounce back even after the toughest of droughts. In fact, they require far less water to survive. In addition, Sir Walter turf can actually keep your home up to ten degrees cooler than bare soil and it produces more oxygen than the world’s largest tree!

Wet Conditions Need Deep Roots 

Once again, Sir Walter proves its worth when you apply it to completely opposite conditions. In the north of Queensland, where there are monsoon seasons, erosion and run-off could be a problem for growing a solid lawn. Sir Walter has a thick root system that establishes itself fast. The lawn itself is thick and spongy and it won’t get muddy and wear down when wet like most other common couch lawns. It’s the best turf to use for erosion control in a shaded situation as it only requires 3 full hours of sunlight each day.

Zoysia is also ideal for erosion control on sloped and hard to mow areas. It’s a slow growing low maintenance lawn that only requires 4 to 5 full hours of sun a day.

Salty, Coastal Conditions

Salty and coastal areas of Queensland often coincide with humid and subtropical climates. To achieve good lawn cover in these exposed, sodium-rich soils, the best turf type would be Oz Tuff Sports Grass. This grass is born and bred in Australia and made to withstand tough Aussie conditions. It is a high wear and low maintenance premium couch variety that is also salt tolerant. It requires plenty of sun, which is perfect for the Gold Coast. Oz Tuff Sports Grass is slow growing, which means that it can handle higher levels of stress than other types of turf and it has less nutritional requirements, as well.

In general, couch turf is your best bet when you’re looking at coastal conditions. That’s why we also recommend Wintergreen Couch, which is ideal for budget lawns and gives you many of the same benefits as OZ Tuff Turf. 

For more advice on the best type of turf for your Queensland climate, contact the experts at Australian Lawn Concepts, located on the Gold Coast.